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Hi, and thanks for stopping by.

I am now posting directly and only at While I’m glad you found and hope you enjoy these archives, please do visit me on my current site. Old friends, new readers, and your comments are always welcome!


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Sunday Photo 36

Lovely London, courtesy of Wilbur.

Wilbur's Travels

I took today’s photo last night from the roof of the TFL HQ at St James Park in London.

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Euro 2016 Day 3

If all sports scores were delivered like this, wouldn’t it be lover-ly?

Wilbur's Travels

Day Three Results:



IMG_3453Croatia 1

GIANTS-CAUSEWAY-Image-4-Causeway-3Northern Ireland…


Trip18Poland 1



munich 018Germany 2

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Joyce & Proust Meet

Human Voices Wake Us: A Podcast of History, Poetry, Creativity & Myth

Fromrejj that greatest of literary biographies, Richard Ellmann’s James Joyce, here is the account of Joyce meeting Marcel Proust, only a few months before Proust’s death:

On May 18, 1922, Sydney Schiff (“Stephen Hudson”), the English novelist whom Joyce had met a few times, invited him to a supper party for Stravinsky and Diaghilev following the first performance of one of their ballets. Joyce arrived late and apologized for not having dressed; at this time he had no formal clothes. He was drinking heavily to cover his embarrassment when the door opened and Marcel Proust in a fur coat appeared, as Joyce said afterwards, “like the hero of The Sorrows of Satan.” Schiff had mentioned the party to Proust but had not ventured to invite him because of Proust’s known unwillingness to emerge from his flat. Joyce followed Schiff and Mrs. Schiff to the door, was introduced…

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My Top Three Spanish Cities

In our movable marriage, my husband and I have covered these cities. Wilbur nails the excitement, culture and beauty of these cities perfectly.

Wilbur's Travels

Number Three – Granada

So good that in the UK they named a Commercial TV Station, a Motorway Service Station and an Electrical Appliance Store Chain after it!

Seriously, Granada is all you have probably heard it to be cracked up to be, and then some more. From the simply stunning ‘Wonder of the Modern World’ that is The Alhambra, to its awe-inspiring location surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountain range, on to its Arabian style souks & tearooms and finally on to its vibrant bars and variety of restaurants, Granada has a whole lot going for it (not to mention its wonderful Mediterranean climate)!

Where else to start but The Alhambra, Spain’s (and arguably Europe’s) most eclectic & astonishing site. The fact that it was built by the occupying Moors does not matter a jot to Spain, who are fiercely proud of their architectural jewel.

As regular readers will…

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An Open Invitation

Source: An Open Invitation

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“It’s Not So Lonely Here in the Garret” (by Michael Wiley)

I met Michael Wiley at a Florida Writers Association conference a few years ago. In the book he autographed to me, he wrote “Lie to me always,” tying in with his session presentation. Super storyteller!


Michael Wiley belongs to a select group of writers who got their start in the Private Eye Writers of America/St. Martin’s Press Best First Novel contest.  The book, published in 2007, was The Last Striptease, featuring P.I Joe Kozmarski, and it went on to earn a Shamus Award nomination for best first novel. Two more novels in the Kozmarski series followed, including the 2011 Shamus Award winner A Bad Night’s Sleep. Michael is a professor of English Literature at the University of North Florida as well as a book reviewer and “occasional journalist.” He manages to juggle it all while continuing to produce both more books—his two upcoming titles, Second Skin and Tar Box (Severn House) are both thrillers featuring series character Daniel Turner—and short stories.  He first appeared in EQMMin December of 2014 with the story “Concrete Town,” and he has another story, “The…

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The Writing Life

The awards banquet for the Florida Writers Association’s annual conference took place recently in Lake Mary, Florida. I was unable to attend, but was thrilled to learn that my novel, Slippery Slopes, earned third place in the Published Women’s Fiction category. Thanks to my friend and Freedom Writers group leader, Carol Jones, for stepping up—literally—to accept the trophy for me.

On another writing note, I appreciate all of you who follow “Notes from a Movable Marriage.” When I began blogging, my goal was to write fresh material weekly on a variety of topics. I intended to stop posting only briefly earlier this year, when my former website was taken down and a new one created, and a combining of media streams was underway. But a funny happened on the way to the (electronic) forum: I realized that while I enjoyed sharing travel stories and photos and slices of life, I wasn’t working on my next book, the one bearing the very name of my blog.

I changed focus. As a result, AMM will be ready for professional editing in the next few months, with a plan to publish this coming spring.

In the meantime, there are well over a hundred posts in “Notes.” If you joined along the way and missed some, have a scroll through. I will continue to Tweet, so if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m @Tricialafille. There’s also a Twitter feed on my website, And if you haven’t read Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way or Slippery Slopes (now both award winners) and would like to, simply visit my site and click on My Books to be taken directly to their Amazon pages.

Thanks again, happy reading, and have a beautiful holiday season!

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The Secret to NaNoWriMo

Tried it twice, “won” and was exhilarated both times. Definitely worth the effort!

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Hope and Change

Change(s) first: Early in the new year my blog posts will appear on my new WordPress website, and this site will no longer be active. There’ll be a final post here indicating when that happens. The address for the website will remain the same,, but will have a whole fresh look.

Something else new: I’m been posting on, which I discovered at Julie Dawn Fox’s blog is of particular interest to me because I live in Portugal, but there’s always valuable info for the armchair traveler. Check it out!

And now for Hope: Click here: The Christmas Scale – YouTube

Wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014…

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