The Writing Life

The awards banquet for the Florida Writers Association’s annual conference took place recently in Lake Mary, Florida. I was unable to attend, but was thrilled to learn that my novel, Slippery Slopes, earned third place in the Published Women’s Fiction category. Thanks to my friend and Freedom Writers group leader, Carol Jones, for stepping up—literally—to accept the trophy for me.

On another writing note, I appreciate all of you who follow “Notes from a Movable Marriage.” When I began blogging, my goal was to write fresh material weekly on a variety of topics. I intended to stop posting only briefly earlier this year, when my former website was taken down and a new one created, and a combining of media streams was underway. But a funny happened on the way to the (electronic) forum: I realized that while I enjoyed sharing travel stories and photos and slices of life, I wasn’t working on my next book, the one bearing the very name of my blog.

I changed focus. As a result, AMM will be ready for professional editing in the next few months, with a plan to publish this coming spring.

In the meantime, there are well over a hundred posts in “Notes.” If you joined along the way and missed some, have a scroll through. I will continue to Tweet, so if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m @Tricialafille. There’s also a Twitter feed on my website, And if you haven’t read Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way or Slippery Slopes (now both award winners) and would like to, simply visit my site and click on My Books to be taken directly to their Amazon pages.

Thanks again, happy reading, and have a beautiful holiday season!


About Tricia Pimental

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tricia Pimental's second memoir, A Movable Marriage, has received 5 Star reviews from both Epic Book Quest and Readers' Favorite. It's available on Amazon in both Kindle ( and print ( versions. She is also the author of two Royal Palm Literary Award Competition-honored books: Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way, and Slippery Slopes. Other work has appeared in International Living Magazine; A Janela, the quarterly magazine of International Women in Portugal; and anthologies compiled by the Florida Writers Association and the National League of American Pen Women. A member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and a former Toastmaster, Ms. Pimental resides in Portugal. She can be reached at and on Twitter @Tricialafille.
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13 Responses to The Writing Life

  1. Tricia, I was so pleased at the RPLA banquet, first to see your photo on the big screen as a nominee, and then to hear your name called as a winner. Congratulations.

  2. Kristina says:

    That’s so exciting Mom! Congratulations. Xoxo

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Shoshana Reiter says:

    Congratulation to you on the award.
    Wish you years of creativity and very bright future in all fronts.

  4. Lynne Baker says:

    Congratulations, Tricier!! Well deserved and so exciting!

    Love and blessings,


  5. Thanks, Lynner. And yes, exciting! XO

  6. Weldon Travis says:

    Ah-h-h, Tricia — I am so proud to have you as a friend! Congrats, again!

    I’m forwarding this to another (local) Ladyfriend writer, Connie Reisenweber, who has just published her first book on Stranger Danger. I’ve been trying to assist her on her very graphic, tragic and danger-filled autobiography.

    I’ve invited her to the Sierra Writer’s Guild in Nevada City to have her first book critiqued (another member reads a portion, without identifying the author). Mine received almost unanimous favorable comments a couple of years ago.

    Take care, and a hearty “Hello” to Keith!


    • I loved your book, and do remember your working with Connie, to whom I sent a little message of encouragement if I recall, a while ago. Congrats all the way around, and thanks always for your support. Hugs to Irene.

  7. Myrica Taylor says:

    Just got a chance to read this… congrats! how wonderful! been draught-scaping jamie’s yard. way more work than we’d anticipated but we got many requests for our ‘card’.lol. had to tell them that we’re non-pors and this was his birthday present. can’t believe how hard and long we worked side by side with the mexican gardeners we hired to do the heavy lifting. even they were imopressed. of course i am ruined… physically. but such a great reward to have so many people comment on how good it looks. off to study voting material. more anon, and again, sooo happy for yet another reward for you! xoxo

  8. Yes, I’m delighted. I would also be delighted to see you soon. Let’s Skype. P.S. You are a very good citizen; I’m proud of you. XOXO

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