Joyce & Proust Meet

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Fromrejj that greatest of literary biographies, Richard Ellmann’s James Joyce, here is the account of Joyce meeting Marcel Proust, only a few months before Proust’s death:

On May 18, 1922, Sydney Schiff (“Stephen Hudson”), the English novelist whom Joyce had met a few times, invited him to a supper party for Stravinsky and Diaghilev following the first performance of one of their ballets. Joyce arrived late and apologized for not having dressed; at this time he had no formal clothes. He was drinking heavily to cover his embarrassment when the door opened and Marcel Proust in a fur coat appeared, as Joyce said afterwards, “like the hero of The Sorrows of Satan.” Schiff had mentioned the party to Proust but had not ventured to invite him because of Proust’s known unwillingness to emerge from his flat. Joyce followed Schiff and Mrs. Schiff to the door, was introduced…

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Brooklyn-born Tricia Pimental moved to Portugal in 2012, where she found rural life so idyllic she wrote a piece for the Living the Dream section of International Living Magazine. Today she serves as their Portugal Correspondent. The former actress and Toastmaster has written three award-winning books: Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way, Slippery Slopes, and A Movable Marriage. Other writing credits include two travel books for International Living: The Old-World Charms of Portugal and Escape to Portugal, and a 15-part video series entitled Portugal 101. Tricia has discovered one of the best parts about living in Europe is the ability to sample the culture (especially all that food and beverage) of many countries via road trips. She and her husband Keith—and their intrepid Maltese, Carson—have traveled through Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, and more, as well as Ireland, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Balkans. After renting in various regions of the country, Tricia and Keith now own a quinta in central Portugal. She blogs at
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  1. Your credits are impressive. Thanks for LIKING me on FB. My site is all screwed up and I can’t seem to LIKE anyone, but would if I could. Thanks. Susannah Bianchi.

    Speaking of Proust, have Madeleines in my fridge.

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