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Air Chance, Conclusion

Last time I wrote of the air traffic control strike which interfered with my Air France regional flight connecting from Paris to Vigo, Spain… Twenty minutes later I arrived at the next Première Classe location. This time the front desk … Continue reading

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Air Chance Part One

Strikes–often affecting government offices or public transportation–are not uncommon in France. Most often when we hear about them on TV we greet them with a yawn and a click of the remote for some real news. The exception to this would be … Continue reading

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Discovering Portugal (4)

The lure of superior cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil brought us to Cuba. The exquisitely rich Manantiz olives are grown on the left bank of the Guadiana River on land that has belonged to the same family for over a century. We met … Continue reading

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Discovering Portugal (3)

After exploring its castle, we spent another day walking Marvão’s hilly and winding cobble-stoned streets. In addition to a variety of restaurants, there were shops with artesanal goodies: olives and chocolates, jellies and pottery, artwork and handbags made of fine, smooth cork … Continue reading

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Discovering Portugal (2)

Although only the walks and towers remain from the original structure, Linhares Castle was classified as a National Monument in 1922. Sitting on a cliff northeast of the Serra da Estrela region, overlooking the Mondego Valley in an area said … Continue reading

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Discovering Portugal (1)

Heading southeast from the seaside town of Esposende we now call home, our first stop was Celorico da Beira, specifically Solar de Queijo, famous for cheese, sausages, wine, and honey. Of course we tasted and made a purchase; what else … Continue reading

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Portugal: Treasure Trove for Travelers

In an area about the size of the state of Maine, Portugal offers remarkable divergence of topography. We live in the north of the country, on virtually the same latitude as my hometown of New York City (41.5 vs. 40.7). … Continue reading

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Pilgrim’s Progress

Santiago de Compostelo in northwestern Spain is home to the Cathedral of Saint James the Great, whose massive dimensions dwarf those who journey to view it. Since the ninth century, it’s been the final destination for Catholic pilgrims along the Way … Continue reading

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A Different Santa Barbara

The old Archbishop’s Palace in Braga, Portugal consists of three different buildings with varying characteristics, due to their construction during different time periods. The eastern wing, Gothic in style and dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, faces the brilliantly colored … Continue reading

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“Bem-vindos” to Portugal

Three flights (one of which departed without us) and two pieces of lost luggage later, we arrived in Lisbon, where Carson had his passport ready for inspection. We filed a claim for the baggage and drove two hours–halfway to our … Continue reading

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