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All Roads Lead to Rome…But Not N14

I started going to the gym again. I’d been dodging it for a variety of excellent reasons, but it was time. After a recent workout, I returned to the cottage–which is built into a hillside–and drove down the steep dirt … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves a Parade

If I feared moving to the countryside might be boring, I was wrong. It seems there is a fair, celebration, or “espectáculo” in the works somewhere on any given weekend (or weekday, for that matter). Most recently we caught an … Continue reading

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Life with the Locals, Portuguese Style

Vendors in their stalls sell pork, salted cod, jam, and pastries arrayed on wooden tables draped with colorful cloths. They pour wine from fat jugs wrapped in white wicker as impromptu karaoke stars grab the microphone, and the pungent aroma … Continue reading

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