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Our Beautiful Brains

The recent on-camera migraine of CBS Newscaster Serene Branson during a post-Grammy’s broadcast sparked a great deal of media attention on the brain, including (I assume one precipitated the other) a week-long series about the mind on The Today Show. We’re … Continue reading

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Two for the Road

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Unless you live in Antarctica or on Andromeda, you probably already were aware of that. Perhaps our friend, writer Adrian Mourby ( ( found even this pair were about to exchange flowers and chocolates. But what you … Continue reading

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Got Competition?

  Recently the Sundance Film Festival was held again in Park City, Utah. Although I declined tickets I was offered on the basis of my filtering system (see previous post, Hear No Evil) I confess I got caught up in … Continue reading

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No Worries

This past weekend Deer Valley Resort opened with their Celebrity Skifest. I was in Los Angeles, so missed the event, and on my return, I spent Monday catching up on work. By Tuesday I was so ready to get on … Continue reading

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“Hear No Evil . . . “

I’ve been a fan of Colin Firth ever since he played the tortured Mr. Darcy to Jennifer Ehle’s Elizabeth Bennett in the BBC production of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So when I had a chance to view The King’s … Continue reading

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