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“I Left My Phone in Old Lisboa”

(Sung to the tune of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco“)  The loveliness of Porto seems somehow sadly gay The glory of Tomar is of another day I’d been terribly content with my fella in Penela Why did I … Continue reading

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(Flower) Buyer Beware!

Not long ago, a close family member fell seriously ill. Before flying to see her, I ordered flowers to be sent to her hospital room through a popular online delivery service. There were three sizes of the same arrangement from … Continue reading

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Crime Doesn’t Pay (But Parking is Another Story)

The late afternoon sun sparkled on the river before us. On the patio of the restaurant, we sipped wine and listened to the crash of the Atlantic surf in the distance while our pup, Carson, inspected the base of a … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

We spend much of our lives waiting. As children we wait for Christmas. When we start school, we wait for summer vacation. Later we wait for SAT scores and for responses from colleges to which we’ve applied. Perhaps afterwards we … Continue reading

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In Defense of Cheese

Since the late nineteenth century, the word “cheese” has most often had a positive connotation. For example,  in John Camden Hotten’s The Slang Dictionary (1863) it, or the word “cheesey” means “Anything good, first-rate in quality, genuine, pleasant or advantageous”. I’m not … Continue reading

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Weather or Not, We Like It

In September when we moved to Portugal, we were awash in romanticism at the prospect of living in a two hundred-year-old stone cottage on a farm. Church bells tolled the hour, sunlight glinted on the pristine swimming pool, and a hundred goats cavorted … Continue reading

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Life with the Locals, Portuguese Style

Vendors in their stalls sell pork, salted cod, jam, and pastries arrayed on wooden tables draped with colorful cloths. They pour wine from fat jugs wrapped in white wicker as impromptu karaoke stars grab the microphone, and the pungent aroma … Continue reading

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“Bem-vindos” to Portugal

Three flights (one of which departed without us) and two pieces of lost luggage later, we arrived in Lisbon, where Carson had his passport ready for inspection. We filed a claim for the baggage and drove two hours–halfway to our … Continue reading

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I Need Your Vote! No, I’m not running for public office, but would love your vote (link above) in a search sponsored by More Magazine. I was required to write a short essay to enter. Here’s the opening: “My husband is a shopper. … Continue reading

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To Live and Dine in L.A.

On a recent trip to Southern California I had the opportunity to visit a seaside restaurant  on Pacific Coast Highway that is a Los Angeles institution. It’s famous for fresh seafood, and while not a fish lover, I can deal with the … Continue reading

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