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Biking For Fun and Profit

I like a stationery bike, and when it comes to selecting the type, I vote for recumbent. ¬†For years I rode the “original” kind, higher and more like a regular bicycle, but once I discovered the other, I was hooked. … Continue reading

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One Man’s Junk …

…is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure. I think that’s how the adage goes. We found that out a week ago Saturday when we had a garage sale. I’d gone wild posting notices from Woodland to Kamas to Midway to Heber … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story

“Storytelling is the oldest art form and it is an enchanting medium for humor, history, personal narrative, folk tales, fairy tales, or Appalachian Tall Tales. I find myself attracted to stories that heal or provide insight, but then I realized … Continue reading

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